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Friends of Suffering Souls



This website is an act of love and mercy to the holy souls in purgatory. They

encourage others to pledge a mass on an appointed day for the holy souls in purgatory. We hope you will enlist.



Marians of the Immaculate Conception





This website contains significant links to the National Shrine of the Divine Mercy as well as information regarding our Divine Mercy Pope and essential guides to the devotion of the Divine Mercy.






This website has linkages to the Vatican Information Service where interested parties may sign up for regular updates.




Recommended Spiritual Reading



Divine Mercy In My Soul; Saint Maria Foustina Kowalska Diary

The diary of St. Faustina is a rich source of God's messages of mercy and goodness. It is an inspirational read for all.


To the Priests; Our Lady's Beloved Sons by the Marian Movement of Priests

The "blue book" is another inspiring material for marian devotees as it contains messages relayed through Fr. Gobbi through inner locutions with the Blessed Mother.


The Joy In Loving

Mother Teresa is the epitome of unconditional love for all people and her words are constant reminders of how we are molded to aspire for no less than holiness.


The Secret of the Rosary

Written by St. Louis De Montfort, it is one of the more compelling literature that accounts to value and virtue of consecrating ourselves to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Mercy. It has been said the rosary and the chaplet are our two greatest weapons against the evil ones.


The Little Book of Miracles

Written by Bunny V. Reyes, the book details several accounts of miracles from several people from different fields and professions. It truly embraces the fact that miracles do not have to be out of the ordinary and that they do not happen just to the 'holy ones'.  They take place right in our midst, whether we are prepared or not, and whether we asked for them or not. But they come always to reassure us of God's tender love and concern for the details of our lives.



Divine Mercy Mission



This is is the miraculous image of the Divine Mercy carried by Bro. Stanley Villavicencio (BSV), up close.
Framed image of the miraculous Divine Mercy carried by BSV.
BSV with Mother Angelica of EWTN. This shot was taken also during the Jubillee Year testimonied in the USA.
Taken during BSV's schedule of testimonies in the United States during the Jubilee Year, he is seen here with Fr. Seraphim Michalenko and noted EWTN priests.
These pictures were taken in Stockbridge Massachusetts during the jubilee year. Jeffrey Cal would do the introduction and Fr. Seraphim would lead the invocation prayer. Notice the progression of the light (so called tongues of fire) from the left part of the framed image. It appears to become bigger and bigger as the BSV does his testimony.
This picture was taken on of the small chapels inside muntinlupa bilibid area. The testimony was scheduled at 2 pm. It was almost cancelled because people came in very late because of the rain. As far as I remember there, the altar was not lit because it was early  in the afternoon and the chapel was open with light coming from the  sides but this picture seems to have a glow from the back of the altar. Picture was taken from a cellphone.
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