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We like to call ourselves the Divine Mercy Team.

Actually, we are what you could probably call

a Divine Mercy Family because the family works

together in this apostolate of sharing the blessings

and graces of the Divine Mercy Devotion.

Each one has each own contribution,

big or small, regular or not.  


Thank you for taking time to contact us

regarding your interest in this devotion.

We have something in common!

We are happy and eager to find out how

we can help one another propagate this.

Please pray that more people will come to

know God's mercy and love as they should.  



Using this form


Do you..............

have something to share about the Divine Mercy?

A special prayer intention you want to share/post

in this website for others to prayer for ?

Want to inquire about the Stanley Villavicencio's

testimony schedule ? reserve a schedule?

confirm a schedule? correct an error in the schedule?

Or if you simply have any other concern.


Just fill up the fields below and

you will be automatically sending us an email.

Should you wish to contact us directly,

please call or text +63 917 8158001.

We apologize in advance if we are unable

to answer all emails but we do our best.



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Please complete all fields marked (*). Please furnish us with complete and accurate contact information so we can get back to you regarding your concern especially if it is with regards to a schedule.


If you are requesting or inquiring about a schedule, please indicate the date, time and venue/location where the address fields would be or in the remark box. 


If you are holding it for your parish / church / chapel, please indicate the name of the Parish Priest or priest in charge.


If you are a sharing a story for this website, we construe that you are allowing us to use your story for this website unless intention is otherwise specified.


Rest assured all your comments and emails will be read, but regret to say that we will only be able to respond to select emails which we find we are in right disposition to address.


For all other concerns, don't miss the spot provided for the remarks. 


And if this form fails, you can always reach us through


Thanks and God bless!



yours in service,



Divine Mercy Family

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