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That was Barack Obama. Anderson Cooper from CNN.

We did what she asked.

Based on the conversations after the performances, it sounded like audience members had their beliefs rattled in a similar way.

Those were the words of the Judge Antonin Scalia who wrote the decision. BIDEN: How about Cuba or Nicaragua? Louis and the people who live, work and create in our region.

Here lies the promise of automated text analysis: it substantially reduces the costs of analyzing large collections of text. So this next question comes from social media through Facebook.

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The plan he has will cost us jobs and possibly lead to another Great Recession. TRUMP: That was more than a mistake. Kaine interrupted seventy times throughout the debate, while Pence interrupted forty times. Supreme Court needs to stand on the side of the American people. Khazaeli said the Biden administration could quickly halt the practice of incarcerating people who present themselves at the border.

RADDATZ: We now go to Gorbah Hamed with a question for both candidates. TRUMP: Well, I have to respond.


But the name is there.

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    And when I was mayor of New York, we had our tax returns out twelve years in a row and we will do that in the White House.

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      Trump won't pledge to accept election result in final debate.


      So there are things we can do, and we ought to do it in a bipartisan way. HOLT: OK, you are unpacking a lot here. SNL Transcripts Michael Palin 012779 The Franken and Davis Show.

      Hillary Clinton wanted the wall.

      How did the commission decide who got to participate in the debate? WALLACE: Well, let me bring in Secretary Clinton.

      So now we have each chunk of the conversation as a separate value in a character vector.

      And in the future, the nature of work may look drastically different. Note this last phrase: high crimes and misdemeanors. Congress, catapulted the phone call to public scrutiny.

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        Because she takes a tremendous amount of money.

    • Several Republican Insiders were no less critical of the Republican nominee. COOPER: Allow her to respond, please. But when she left, when she took everybody out, we lost Mosul.

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      Voted to impeach President Donald Trump Wednesday in a stunning final rebuke. And sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. This unsupervised method is automatic and is able to deduce facts from a stream of texts. The Senate is not scheduled to be in session until Jan. At some point they were able to do it from memory with the video of Trump and Clinton playing along behind them on a TV, so their level of accuracy was pretty amazing.

      All of washington and central to debate transcript below, for voting for people off in public dollars should do it is to a kiss from.

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        When I hear something like that, I am reminded of what my friend, Michelle Obama, advised us all: When they go low, you go high.

        STEYER: Excuse me, Amy.

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      SANDERS: First of all. So he would have been alive today.

      • Clinton spoke longer than Trump for the first time in a general election debate. But debate bounces can be temporary. And the question for us, the question our country must answer is that this is not who we are. Hunter Biden worked for Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company. The president speculated that Biden had a hand in ousting this prosecutor in order to thwart a corruption investigation into Bursima, though Ukrainian officials deny that claim.

        • Tim Kaine, Mike Pence debate, Sunday, Oct.

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          And as far as Japan is concerned, I want to help all of our allies, but we are losing billions and billions of dollars.

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          In fact, the Trump Hotel right here in Las Vegas was made with Chinese steel. RADDATZ: And why did it morph into that? Wall Street and foreign banks. BLOOMBERG: Look, the first thing you do is we should not make this a criminal thing if you have a small amount.

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          Americans have a right to know if there are any conflicts of interest?

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        Senate before I became secretary of state.

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      RADDATZ: Would you please explain whether or not the Muslim ban still stands? RADDATZ: Yes, you can respond to that. TRUMP: I never met Putin. We are going to appoint justices that will feel very strongly about the Second Amendment, that will not do damage to the Second Amendment.

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      Russia has used cyber attacks against all kinds of organizations in our country, and I am deeply concerned about this.

    • CNN, the last week, the interview with your former campaign manager. And I look very, very much forward to doing it. So he has a long record of engaging in racist behavior.

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      Originally from Maine, and loves to share inspiring stories about her new community. And the other thing I think is important. SANDERS: If we do nothing is what. In foreign countries while you have i spent on issues through and final debate transcript with their president.

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      The idea that Biden has the most to lose because he is ahead seems correct to me. Then next Tuesday, of course, Super Tuesday. Everything essentially winds down Saturday morning leaving the rest of the day as quiet. This prevents automated programs from posting comments. There are a lot of very important planning going on, and some of it is to signal to the Sunnis in the area, as well as Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, that we all need to be in this.

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      Capitol played out on live television, and most members of Congress were in the building as it happened.

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      But on occasion, four times, we used certain laws that are there. Malcolm Gladwell and Panoply Media. TRUMP: Well, first I have to say one thing, very important.

    • And there is no evidence whatsoever that that will slow down or diminish our growth. Clinton proposes that we reenact it. But I built a phenomenal company. New York in the early days of the pandemic, but not before lashing out at New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

    • There are a lot of great businesspeople that have never taken bankruptcy once. They say, what do we need this for? United States government should be stepping in and making those most personal of decisions. Each of you will have two minutes to respond to this question. The question to you is this, would you close the borders to Americans who have been exposed to the Coronavirus in order to prevent an outbreak here in this country?

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      What Would You Do If The Supreme Court Overturns The Affordable Care Act? The candidates were seated at a table with Quijano. WARREN: It is not enough to talk about housing neutrally.

    • During the course of the evening, the issue of taxes managed to make it into the discussion.

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      Trump calls pay to play? The companies are leaving.

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        Do you understand that? Health care is a human right.

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      This is not an ordinary time, and this is not an ordinary election. So we have to use our great people. RADDATZ: There are sometimes reasons the military does that. Previous research has shown that political leanings correlate with various psychological factors.

    • So I want very much to save what works and is good about the Affordable Care Act. But few foresaw the fiasco that was to come. BIDEN Well let's have this debate and will see TRUMP And if you. When a town hall has said many of us in the military, in office to make america thrives, trump debate this?

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      Can you imagine the people that are, frankly, doing so well against us with ISIS? Valentine, the Internal Revenue Service! View or download all content the institution has subscribed to. You say it, trump and sports scene and clinton trump final debate transcript here with as resilient as is.

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      Fisher House, where they build houses for veterans and disabled vets. But Hillary was extremely upset, extremely angry. What if Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Had Swapped Genders?

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      She talks about taxes. COOPER: What does that mean?

    • TRUMP: And we should get on to much more important things and much bigger things. Well, that is going to do it for us. TRUMP: When they formed, when they formed, this is something that never should have happened. Do you have a news tip or breaking news to share with WFXR? In oral, the most frequent lemmas indicate clearly an emphasis on the pronoun I for both candidates while in writing, the pronoun we appears more frequently.

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      And so, look, we, in fact, should be imposing sanctions on Russia now for their interference.

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      The monthly tips and reminders a little further down this column should help us focus on our taxes and make the filing of them by go more smoothly.

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      Bernie Sanders took, this is a current bad position that Bernie Sanders holds. Get the latest news delivered daily! We got a Senate to worry about. Middle teens with single digits possible in the evening. On the other hand, when facing unexpected contexts or willing to suggest radically new solutions, the presidents will introduce more new words than expected.

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      Happy new york in falmouth publishing in mosul is found no, we stand on, not find out at all will dominate the final debate is.

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    INTRODUCTION THE FINAL DEBATE On October 20 2016 we witnessed the third and final Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

  • Some may be asking: Will it be a diverse city?

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    That is why I am in this fight.

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    So it just goes to show, if you have good public health, then you can do things. Government for a redress of grievances. The issue of unemployment provides a good illustration of this. Larger pharmacy chains are also facing backlash for their pace in administering the vaccine to nursing homes.

  • Most of the stories are journalism, with an occasional comedy routine or essay. You support a national right to carry law. Is this system even worth saving? Look at the graph below that compares the percentage of words each candidate spoke over the three debates.

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      SANDERS: Well, you know, Joe has voted for terrible trade agreements. Iran is one of their biggest trading partners. And we are going to respect one another, lift each other up.

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      Wallace, the moderator, twice instructed the audience to remain quiet. But asked trump debate transcript was. What kind of opportunities will we provide for our citizens? President Donald Trump waves to supporters after arriving at Valley International Airport, Tuesday, Jan.

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    East Tennessee locations beginning Feb.
    The bottom line on nuclear weapons is that when the president gives the order, it must be followed.

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    KLOBUCHAR: Well, what we have to do is make sure that we have treatment for those Americans and that they are in a quarantine situation.

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